Trump is still the guy who puts ketchup on his overcooked steak

A month ago the liberal internet banded together to mock Donald Trump’s steak preferences after it was revealed that he eats steak well-done and with ketchup. That he has the palette of a six year old was major news for some reason even though we’ve known for decades that he is giant, orange manchild. What was significant to me was not the details regarding Trump’s eating habits, but that people really cared and why. The incident gets to the real heart of why the liberal media hate Trump so much. It isn’t that he is a racist, because they could make peace with that. It isn’t that he has been accused multiple times of sexual assault, because they could make peace with that too. It is that he embarrasses them. Trump is the ultimate ugly American. He is proudly unilingual (and hardly even that), barely literate, and stunningly ignorant. Moreover, his years on The Apprentice mean that many people in both the US and around the world know him primarily as a reality TV star, which is the most gauche form of American entertainment. The liberal media doesn’t care if their politicians are inhuman monsters, as Ezra Klein’s constant fawning articles about how smart Paul Ryan is demonstrate. What they want is a president who represents the cosmopolitan hopes of neoliberalism. Barack Obama was the perfect president for this because he so perfectly represents this dream. Handsome, worldly, articulate, well-educated, and appropriately read, Obama could travel the world and coastal liberals did not have to live in constant fear that he would say something embarrassing.

Trump is never going to be anything other than the vulgar loudmouth who has made blatant the truths about American politics that had long been kept hidden under the surface. He has, however, stumbled upon the one way to get complements from the elites whom he claims to despise, but whose good words he desperately craves. The one thing the media will always line up in support of is an American president bombing the shit out of a foreign country on spurious grounds and the early signs with regard to Syria are that they will not disappoint.

Similarly, the usual suspects in the House:

And of course Nancy Pelosi

Trump is the same incompetent buffoon who couldn’t manage to repeal a bill that his entire party spent eight years promising to repeal. Every American military intervention has been a disaster and Syria, already a disaster, will not be saved by the United States. But at least Trump will look presidential because apparently all you have to do to look presidential is kill some foreigners.